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We work to keep the American Dream alive! REALTORS® support legislation and representatives who are committed to protecting private property rights, promoting economic development, and maintaining a pro-business environment conducive to the practice of real estate.


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REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

What is RPAC of Virginia? RPAC of Virginia is a voluntary non-profit organization whose membership consists of REALTORS® and others interested in actively and effectively protecting the real estate industry and the dream of home ownership by participating in governmental affairs at the local, state and federal levels.

RPAC consists of many volunteer Members. From the RPAC of Virginia Trustees to the RPAC Subcommittee, we have over 60 individuals who make RPAC one of the most successful PACs in the nation (and there are 4,000 PACs). The RPAC of Virginia Trustees consist of 17 politically active REALTOR® Members from across the Commonwealth. They base their non-partisan funding decisions solely on REALTOR® related issues. The RPAC of Virginia Campaign Subcommittee consists of one or more campaign chairpersons from each local Association. Each chairperson is responsible for fundraising for their local association, and for reaching the local association's Fair Share goal.


SVAR Says 'Thanks' to RPAC Major Contributors


SVAR's Legislative Affairs, RPAC and RPAC Trustees committees held their annual luncheon at Swift Creek Mill Theatre recently to thank SVAR members who have contributed $99 or more to the REALTORS Political Action Committee of Virginia. State legislators Sen. Steve Martin (R.-11th District), Del. Rosalyn Dance (D.-63rd District) and Del. Riley Ingram (R.-62nd District) were the special guests, offering members the chance to enjoy Q&A with the legislators and learn more about the work and challenges of these elected officials. It's opportunities like this that are supported by RPAC contributions and keep association and REALTOR issues in front of representatives at the state and local levels. Thank you, all, for attending and for contributing to RPAC.


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